A Delegation from Bremen visits jac

On April 06th, 2014 a delegation from the city of Bremen, Germany, visited the JAC as part of its visit to the city of Haifa. Dr.. Nohad Ali, presented the center's mission and its various activities aimed at enhancing Jewish-Arab relations on Campus and in Israel at large. On behalf of Prof. Rassem Khamaisi, Head of the JAC.

  In the following discussion the guests expressed their interest in the political situation in Israel and in the condition of the Arab minority in the country.


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Conference: "Politics, Media and Academia in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel" In the Negev Hall in the Knesset

Conference: "Politics, Media and Academia in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel" In the Negev Hall in the Knesset

A conference on Politics, Media and Academia in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel that took place at the Knesset on Tuesday, January 24th 2012 .


The conference was organized by the Knesset's Lobby for Jewish-Arab Coexistence and the Citizens' Accord Forum in cooperation with the Arab-Jewish Center in Haifa University.

The goal of the conference was to examine factors that have been contributing to the deterioration of Jewish-Arab relations in recent years and to suggest practical steps that can be taken in order to put these relations on a positive track.  The discussion focused on mutual relations between three main sectors: the political system, the media and the academia.

These discussions will continue during the coming year.

For the official publication, please click here.

For an interview in Channel 1 (Israel)  following the conference, please click here.

Prof. Weismann at the conference.

The audience.

MK Ibrahim Sarsour, Prof. Rassem Khamaisi and Prof. Weismann.

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