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A Delegation from Denmark visits JAC

On Monday, January 28, 2013 a delegation of the nongovernment organization Action Aid Denmark visited JAC, as part of its trip to study the political situation in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Prof. Itzchak Weismann, Head of the JAC presented to the delegation the mission and various activities of the centre on campus and in the public sphere. He also discussed the results of the recent elections to the Israeli parliament and the prospects of renewing the peace process. 

Shared Space in Israel - The Criminal Justice System

This Workshop took place at Haifa University, In the past year the Jewish-Arab Center has inaugurated a series of workshops to discuss and promote the issue of shared spaces in Israel.


Civil Society Conference in Acre (Akko-Akka)

This event took place at Knights Youth & Guest House IN Akko at the 26th March, 2012. The Jewish Arab Center in the University of Haifa initiated a large scale project in Akko.


Volunteering for Civil Service of Arabs in Israel

This conference took place at the Haifa University during this conference the researches show the results of a  new survey that was conducted at the University of Haifa examined the attitudes of Arab citizens of Israel toward the civil service:40% of the Arab Youth in Israel Are Willing Personally to Volunteer to Civil Service in 2011 as Compared to 53% in 2009.


A delegation from Bremen visits JAC

On March 25, 2012 a delegation from the city of Bremen, Germany, visited the JAC as part of its visit to the city of Haifa. Prof. Itzchak Weismann, Head of the JAC, presented the center's mission and its various activities aimed at enhancing Jewish-Arab relations on Campus and in Israel at large.