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11 Classmates for Coexistence Students Participate in Summer School in Germany

The Jewish-Arab Center at the University of Haifa organized the participant of 11 student of the "Classmates for Coexistence" program to participate in summer school in Germany held between August 11 and August 21, 2014.


The University of Erfurt, located in the central German city Erfurt, helped organize classes, sightseeing tours, accommodation, transportation, schedules, contacting potential speakers, and finally hosting the summer school program.

The mutual goal of the program was to promote and expand international understanding, program development, and friendship between the participants in the summer school, as well as to stimulate and support professional and intercultural activities and projects among students and staff of the two institutions, and the respective communities which support these institutions. The long-term intention is to facilitate closer links between both institutions’ students in order to improve the quality of the student experience.

The main topics discussed were multiculturalism, diversity and coexistence. Participants had the chance to share different experiences related to multiculturalism and coexistence (both from Israel between Arabs and Jews and from Germany between Germans and foreigners, or Christians and Muslims).