Conference: "Politics, Media and Academia in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel" In the Negev Hall in the Knesset

Conference: "Politics, Media and Academia in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel" In the Negev Hall in the Knesset

A conference on Politics, Media and Academia in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel that took place at the Knesset on Tuesday, January 24th 2012 .


The conference was organized by the Knesset's Lobby for Jewish-Arab Coexistence and the Citizens' Accord Forum in cooperation with the Arab-Jewish Center in Haifa University.

The goal of the conference was to examine factors that have been contributing to the deterioration of Jewish-Arab relations in recent years and to suggest practical steps that can be taken in order to put these relations on a positive track.  The discussion focused on mutual relations between three main sectors: the political system, the media and the academia.

These discussions will continue during the coming year.

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Prof. Weismann at the conference.

The audience.

MK Ibrahim Sarsour, Prof. Rassem Khamaisi and Prof. Weismann.